My name is Andy and I’m a blogger …

My mate Andy wrote this and it’s worthy of a Cardboard Castle reblog. My comments on its are…

“I like the idea of exploring the difference between a Journal and Blog.
My journal is a diary, a record of events and people I have met. I spend time picking the right bit of stationary for my journal, particularly as it is part of my job and is there with me around on expedition. I dug one out this morning to find out what I had to eat on Monday 16th July 2012 in Kenya, it was important to me at the time. A lovely leather, hand- crafted journal book was a present from my daughter from Venice. I save that for family holiday stories.
A blog is much more crafted. Time is spent on collecting events, stories, thoughts, ideas, pictures, maps. It’s spell checked and proof read usually many times until I get it reasonable. I even run 3 blogs covering different aspects of my life. Much more disciplined and a very different part of my life.

This reply is getting so profound I think I’ll cut and paste into my own blog”



Of course you knew that, regular readers, but you see I’m doing a ‘Blogging 101’ course through the kind people at WordPress, my blog hosts. I want to try and improve my blogging, and my first assignment is to re-do my introductory blog, to re-visit and re-answer the basic question:

“who I am and why I’m here”

When I first did this at the very beginning of my blog back in 2012, which can be found here, I made up all sorts of excuses about how random and unpredictable my blog would be.  But I was right! It is random, sporadic, unpredictable. My blogs are like London buses, nothing for days and suddenly two come along at once.

So why do I blog? Because I love the edginess of blogging. I could write in a diary or journal, and in fact I used to do that but I found it…

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