Month: October 2015

My Semi Colon;

I was clear about this blog. It was going to be one of muses and thoughts and good times. It was definately not a cancer blog.

But the last few days have brought a lot of thoughts to the front.

  • Celebrating my Wedding Anniversary a year after I was given the all clear, was certainly a good day. That was also the day a year ago we got our nice new Smart TV, good investment!
  • I’ve had my first annual follow up scan, and despite all the assurances and survival stats saying I’m OK, theres still a chance. Being filled with the dye and enhancement fluid this week also brought back a good/bad day I had in hospital. I’ll leave the details of that to a night when I’m boring who-ever with the after-effects of the operation. Don’t ask about results they are not yet in.
  • In the sunday paper there was a review of a book based on a blog which tracked her cancer story. This led me to a few other blogs. If you ever want to feel miserable, a cancer sufferers blog is the place to look. Anyway I came across Charley’s story. It doesnt have a good ending; but is written with such humour and poinioncy, I really felt and shared in her trials. But what caught me was the title;
  • I just think the idea of having ones own Semi-Colon is something to be made up about, wish I’d thought of it first. Mine may not be a semi-colon more a three-quarters, but I may use the monica again.

On the other hand, another review of the Stats put me up there at 95% survival rate for 5 years.  About the best place to be.

If you want to follow another blog on Cancer, the most uplifting is

Again, not a happy ending, or the same type nor treatment as mine, but such a good story.